INCREDIBLE DEAL knocks 20% off the Kingston XS2000 2TB SSD!


We’ve come a long way in terms of technological advancements to the point where SSDs are now more affordable than ever. But we get it, everyone loves a good deal. If you’re looking for an external SSD that’s small enough to slip into a pocket, then you will want to check out the Kingston XS2000.

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The 2TB external SSD is currently on sale on Amazon where it’s enjoying a 20% discount. This knocks its price down from $225.99 to $179.99. This effectively saves you close to $50, which is honestly a great deal. The original asking price isn’t too shabby to begin with considering its size, but now it just got even cheaper.

The Kingston XS2000 boasts read/write speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. It features USB-C connectivity, and one of its main selling points is how small it is. It is smaller than a lot of other conventional SSDs and could be useful if you want to just slip it into your pocket. If you think that this is the external SSD for you, then head on over to Amazon and claim this 20% discount today!

Kingston XS2000 2TB High Performance Portable SSD with USB-C | Pocket-sized...
  • Industry-leading read/write speeds up to 2,000MB/s. Requires compatible devices to reach USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 USB-C...
  • Capacities up to 4TB to support high resolution images, 8K videos, and large documents.

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