Samsung working on new way to tell the time on Galaxy devices


With our phones being with us all the time, there’s almost no need to wear a watch anymore just to tell the time. Our phones can not only tell the time, it can show us the time in other timezones, show us upcoming events, and more. Now it looks like Samsung could be developing a new way to tell the time on their Galaxy devices.

According to a report from in collaboration with tipster Tarun Vats, Samsung is developing a new double tap feature. As the name implies, this is where users can double tap the back of their Samsung Galaxy phones and it will tell the time. What makes this feature unique is that it will work even with the screen turned off.

This is actually going to be part of an update to the RegiStar module in the Good Lock app. This module allows users to assign functions to the double-tapping gesture on the back of their phones. You might ask, why would anyone need such a feature? For starters, it could be greater for users with accessibility needs.

It could also come in handy for when you can’t really whip your phone out, or if it’s difficult to see the screen but you need to know the time. Either way, it’s an option that users can explore if they think they might have a need for it.

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