Apple could be going after password managers in iOS 18


There are many password managers available out there. This includes third-party options such as 1Password and LastPass, just to name a few. But now it looks like Apple could be going after those password managers in iOS 18. The company is rumored to debut a standalone Passwords app that could replace these third-party options.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is apparently developing its own password manager app. This will simply be called “Passwords” and is expected to be part of iOS 18. Apple already has a password manager built into iOS and macOS, but it’s not exactly obvious to use compared to the third-party apps out there.

The report suggests that the Passwords app will be powered by iCloud Keychain, which is the current password manager for iOS and macOS. The main difference is that it will now have a standalone app. The app is expected to function pretty much like other password managers, but if you prefer native apps, then iOS 18 could be an update to look forward to.

Apple has in the past taken ideas from apps and integrated them into its own platform. This eliminates the need for third-party reliance. In some ways it’s good because it gives extra functionality. Users are free to keep using third-party password managers if they prefer. But it will be interesting to see what Apple’s own solution could look like.

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