Infinix unveils a new sporty version of its Note 40 series


Earlier this year, Infinix unveiled its new Note 40 series of smartphones. But it looks like they’re not quite done with the lineup just yet. The company has since announced a new version in the form of the Note 40 Series Racing Edition which was made in collaboration between Infinix and BMW Group Designworks.

This is not the first time we’re seeing smartphone companies team up with other companies for its design. Honor recently entered into a partnership with Porsche Design, so Infinix’s decision doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

As for what’s different, pretty much only the external design of the phone has changed. It features the Wing of Speed design along with racing stripes running down the back of the phones. Apparently this helps with the phone’s ergonomics as the lines are essentially little ridges that should make it more grippy.

According to Infinix, this was achieved using an advanced UV transfer printing process. Also, if you look very closely, BMW’s tri-color design can be spotted on the rear camera module. Infinix has also added some wallpaper and UI elements that are inspired by “the energy of a racetrack”, but other than that, the phone’s hardware remains the same as before.

As for pricing, here’s how much the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition phones will cost:

  • The NOTE 40 Racing Edition starts at $209
  • The NOTE 40 5G Racing Edition starts at $259
  • The NOTE 40 Pro Racing Edition starts at $279
  • The NOTE 40 Pro 5G Racing Edition starts at $309
  • The NOTE 40 Pro+5G Racing Edition starts at $329
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