ASUS is open to creating an Arm-powered ROG Ally


Arm-powered PCs and laptops are making their debut this year. Companies such as Arm and Qualcomm are bullish about the prospect of Arm-based chipsets powering the majority of such computers in the future. Now it looks like ASUS could be open to the idea of an Arm-powered ROG Ally.

Speaking to Android Authority, ASUS senior manager of content marketing Whitson Gordon suggested that the company is open to the idea. Nothing concrete is being done yet, so don’t hold your breath. But rather, they seem to be open to the possibility of creating such a device in the future.

I think that would be awesome to see. I can’t tell you definitively what will happen, but we’re considering everything. We’re seeing what’s happening there and we’re very excited about it. And, of course, our minds are like, ‘Could this be something we put in an Ally one day?’. We’re definitely asking those questions.

ASUS recently announced its ROG Ally X, the latest entry in the lineup. So far, the ROG Ally devices are powered by AMD’s Ryzen Z1 CPU which is based on the x86-64 design. While there’s nothing wrong with that, companies like Apple have shown that Arm-based chipsets are more than capable of creating computers that can rival their x86 counterparts.

Plus, going with an Arm chipset could allow ASUS to create an ROG Ally that has better thermals, greater power efficiency, and a longer-lasting battery. Whether or not they choose to go down that route remains to be seen, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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