Humane warns AI Pin owners of potential fire hazard


Humane unveiled the AI Pin back in 2023. It was an intriguing concept and the demo was certainly very compelling. Unfortunately, real world use proved to be different from what the demo seemed to imply. This led to lackluster feedback from the community. It looks like the company’s woes aren’t over as Humane is now warning AI Pin owners of a potential fire hazard.

According to an email sent to customers, the company is asking its customers to immediately stop using the charging case for the AI Pin. It seems that there are issues with a third-party battery cell that could pose a “fire safety risk”. The company says that they have since “disqualified” the vendor and are now looking for another supplier.

Keep in mind that this fire hazard is limited to the charging case for the Humane AI Pin. The device itself, the Battery Booster, and charging pad are not affected. This means that you can continue to use the charging pad to keep the device charged up.

The company does not mention if they will offer a replacement case at a later date. However, what they are offering is an additional two free months of its subscription service. So, if you are one of the AI Pin’s customers, it’s probably a good idea to stop using the charging case for now.

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