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How to send HD photos on Facebook Messenger


If you notice that the photos you send through Facebook Messenger look a little low quality, it’s because the company compresses photos sent through its platform. This is done in an effort to make sure that files are sent and received faster. It also has the added benefit of being easier on the bandwidth for Facebook’s servers. If you want to send HD photos through Facebook Messenger, then read on to find out how!

Send HD photos with Facebook Messenger

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone
  2. Go to the chat that you want to send HD photos to
  3. Next to the textbox where you type in your message, tap on the arrow button or the icon that looks like four small dots
  4. This will bring up the option to attach media files or make voice recordings
  5. Tap on the icon that looks like a photograph. You will now see a bunch of photos and videos from your phone’s gallery
  6. Tap on the photo you want to send
  7. Tap on the HD button located at the upper right corner of the app to send your selected photo as HD
  8. Send your photo and it should be received by the other party in HD resolution

One thing to note is that the “HD” term is a bit misleading. Traditionally speaking, HD when referred to in display resolution usually means 1280×720. In this case, it actually means 4K. In “SD” quality, photos are actually being sent as 2K photos. This is actually good enough most of the time, but obviously a higher resolution means less details are lost.

Another thing to note is that HD photos take up more storage space than SD photos as they are larger files. This means that in theory, they should take slightly longer to send and download. Depending on your internet speeds, this difference may be negligible, but it might be something to consider if you don’t have a particularly stable connection.

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