The Play Store will now let you uninstall apps remotely


The Google Play Store has always allowed users to install apps on their other devices remotely. But when it comes to uninstalling apps remotely, that was never really a thing. At least until now. According to a report from Android Authority, it seems that Google is now allowing Play Store users to uninstall apps remotely.

This is thanks to a tip off from AssembleDebug who revealed that this new feature is being rolled out to users as we speak. It turns out that remote uninstallation of apps was actually spotted last year hidden behind some flags. This meant that not all users were aware of its existence until now.

Now that Google has started to roll out the feature, Android users with the Play Store should be able to make use of it. So how do you uninstall apps remotely on Android? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is launch the Google Play Store, tap on Manage apps and device, go to Manage, and then choose the device and the app that you want to uninstall the app from.

It is pretty straightforward and if you’re looking for a simple way to manage the apps on your multiple Android devices, then this is a new feature that you should definitely check out.

Tyler Lee
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