Google Increases the Play Store’s App Price Limit


After more than half a decade, it looks like Google has once again increased the maximum amount that developers can charge for their apps and products on the Play Store. It’s reported that developers now have access to a $1000 price limit for apps and IAPs, a big leap from the $400 limit which was set back in 2015.

Of course not every developer will be aiming to charge this much, and aside from some few “premium” apps or novelty software, there shouldn’t be much of a change with how most developers will price their products. Even more expensive games on the Play Store cap at around $20, although there are some with IAPs that are considerably more expensive.

Back during Google I/O, Google announced a handful of updates to the Play Store, which include a new surface via the Engage SDK. This new surface will allow developers to highlight important content – for example, if a user hasn’t downloaded an app yet, the surface can be used to recommend the app and showcase some of its features that devs want to show off.

Google also announced that they are expanding payment options for apps –  As such, this includes support for Pix in Brazil and UPI in India. Additionally, Google also expanded the ability for users to purchase apps for someone else, such as gifts for other users or folks without a payment method on their device.

Source: Android Authority

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