iOS 18 will offer customization we’ve never seen before on an iPhone


Over the years, Apple has slowly expanded the customizability of its iPhones. Apple used to be quite restrictive when it comes to customization, but they’ve learned to slowly let go. In iOS 18, it could offer some of the best customization options to date.

In the latest issue of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the journalist claims that iOS 18 will allow more customization when it comes to app icons and placements. Users will apparently be able to change the color of app icons. They will also be able to place their app icons anywhere on the screen.

Prior to this, users who wanted to theme their apps had to use Siri Shortcuts and download icon packs. They also had to rely on widgets to create blank spaces so that they would place their apps in more personalized ways. Currently, iOS relies on a grid setup where app icons have to be placed one after the other.

This creates an issue if users want to create some space in between them for a more personalized look. If this report is true, it will shake things up. Gurman had previously reported on this upcoming feature, but his latest report more or less corroborates his earlier claims.

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