Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 could look like Apple’s AirPods


Over the years, many have mocked Apple’s AirPods design, claiming that it looks like the EarPods with the cables cut off. It’s a valid criticism, but it seems that this is a design choice that Samsung could end up making as well. According to a report from The Chosun Daily, Samsung could adopt a similar design for the Galaxy Buds 3.

The Galaxy Buds 3 will be the next-gen true wireless earbuds from Samsung. The company launched its predecessor two years ago, so it is due for a refresh. According to the report, it seems that Samsung wants to introduce a “stem” to the design of the earbuds.

The idea is that by introducing a stem, they can increase its overall size to accommodate a larger battery. It could also introduce new features to make the earbuds feel more complete.

Samsung has kept the kidney bean design for the longest time ever. It’s not a bad design. Some might actually prefer this design as it creates a smaller device that’s less obvious than the AirPods. However, some have complained that this has led to worse call quality since the microphone is placed further away.

In any case, we can’t say for sure if this redesign is happening so take it with a grain of salt. Samsung is expected to unveil its new foldables in July alongside other products, so hopefully we’ll have more details then.

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