Nintendo and Yuzu Emulator Devs Reach Settlement


Following a lawsuit initiated by Nintendo against Tropic Haze – the makers of Android Switch emulator Yuzu – it looks like the two parties have now come to an agreement regarding Nintendo’s legal claims and accusations. Tropic Haze has agreed to pay Nintendo a sum of $2.4 million in damages, according to new court documents showing the settlement.

This isn’t the only term that Nintendo wants fulfilled, however – the Japanese gaming giant also wants to prevent Tropic Haze from promoting Yuzu (and its corresponding source codes) moving forward, as well as preventing Tropic Haze personnel from working on any projects with the intent of bypassing Nintendo’s technical protection on its products.

Additionally, Tropic Haze is demanded to hand over its website domain as well as other Yuzu-related information to Nintendo.

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While emulation apps in themselves aren’t illegal per se, Nintendo stated that most ROM download sites point people towards emulators like Yuzu in order to play their downloaded game copies. The company further alleged that Yuzu allowed people to play the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom half a month before the game’s actual release date, in effect impacting the overall sales of the game.

Source: IGN

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