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The continued proliferation and adoption of 5G hardware by enterprises and consumers alike has certainly led to a rapid rise in its availability in recent times. Carriers and telecom brands have essentially lowered the barrier of entry for consumers looking for better data connectivity speeds, and as a result users now have better access to 5G data services.

With that said, today we’re taking a look at what AT&T has to offer with their unlimited data plans. One of the biggest network and service providers in the US, the company offers a range of different unlimited 5G plans for customers, each with a varying set of service features. Let’s check them out!

AT&T’s Unlimited Plans

Right off the bat, there are three different tiers available for AT&T users. The Unlimited Premium Plan with four service lines will cost you $50 per line, and comes with perks including unlimited phone calls and texting, high-speed data, 50GB hotspot data, and even 4K UHD streaming. Additionally, you get unlimited texts, calls and data in-between Mexico and Canada, unlimited SMS from the US to more than 200 countries, and no speed caps on data speeds.

There’s also an Unlimited Extra Plan, which goes for a slightly lower $40 price per line (with four service lines as well), and while it likewise comes with unlimited SMS, calls, and data, 5G speeds might be slower once you hit 50GB of usage, with video streaming reduced to SD quality. Hotspot data is also reduced to 15GB per month, which is considerably smaller.

If you’re after something even more affordable, then the AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan comes in priced at around $35 per line for four lines. With this one, you do get similar features as the Extra Plan, although hotspot data is reduced to 3GB, much smaller than the Extra Plan. With that said, all plans get you Active Armor Advanced security, with the exception of the Starter Plan which comes with more basic security.

By comparison, Verizon’s base-tier $35 5G plan only gets you 15GB of data, while their top-tier plan goes for $60, making it slightly more expensive than AT&T’s Unlimited Premium Plan. On the other hand, T-Mobile’s base Essential plan rounds out to around $30, although you only get 50GB of data per month.

With that being said, if you’re set on going with AT&T as your main service provider, then you might be interested to grab a phone to go along with one of their plans. AT&T offers several smartphones on their site, which we’ve also covered here before.

Samsung Galaxy S22

First up, we have the Samsung Galaxy S22, which features a decent improvement in overall system performance when compared to last year’s S21 lineup. It comes with great imaging capabilities, up to four years of major Android updates, and a gorgeous-looking display. What’s more, its performance is top-notch thanks to the powerful Snapdragon chip inside.


Samsung Galaxy A53

Up next, we have the Samsung Galaxy A53, a terrific midrange device that makes the best of more “affordable” hardware. For folks on a tight budget, it’s an incredible phone, featuring a good display, decent performance and cameras, and a dependable battery. If you’re after a more wallet-friendly Samsung device, the A53 is a good choice.


Moto Edge 2022

One of the better entries in the US smartphone landscape, Motorola impresses with this entry in the form of the Motorola Edge 2022. It comes with dependable battery Life, an intuitive flavour of Android, impressive imaging with its main camera, as well as a good-looking 144Hz Display.


Google Pixel 7 Pro

If you’d prefer an Android phone on the more “Google” side of things – without the usual array of Samsung software – then you might instead opt for the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which brings refinements over its predecessor. It comes with the improved Google Tensor G2 chip, better overall cameras, as well as all the latest Google software features. On the other hand, if you’re after something slightly more basic, then the Pixel 7 might be more your device.


Google Pixel 6a

In case you want an even more affordable Pixel smartphone, then the 6a might be the perfect match for you. It comes with the same computational photography prowess from Google, placing it above other mid-range Android handsets in terms of camera performance. it also provides users with regular software updates and the best of Google’s apps.


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