Meta Wants to Bring the Quest into Classrooms


As more businesses and fields continue to adopt GenAI and XR products into their operations, it only seemed like a matter of time before we saw such technology make its way in academic settings. With that in mind, Meta recently announced that it will launch a new education product for Quest devices, which will be unveiled later this year.

Meta says that the new product will provide teachers, trainers and administrators access to a range of education-specific software and functionality, as well as managing multiple Quest devices simultaneously. Meta adds that the new product has been developed with consultation from educators, researchers, as well as developers in the education space.

According to Meta, research show that VR’s educational uses can contribute to improving students’ performance, attendance and satisfaction, as well as their levels of engagement. Data from Morehouse College back in 2022 states that students who learned in VR had an average final test score of 85, versus 78 in person. Additionally, research data from the XR Association found that 77% of educators believe that such tech “ignites curiosity” and improves engagement in class.

No specific launch date has been given by Meta, although the company says that product’s branding and features will be announced in the coming months. The company plans to make the product available in markets where “Quest for Business” is supported, to institutions serving learners aged 13 and above.

Source: Meta

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