Epic isn’t done going after the Google Play Store


Last year, Epic won an antitrust case against Google. This was a big deal. As part of the court’s decision, Epic had to create a proposed injunction highlighting the changes they want Google to make to the Play Store on Android. It looks like the company has made their decision based on their latest press release.

Basically, it seems that Epic wants Google to not interfere with how third-party stores and sideloading apps are handled on Android. For those unfamiliar, usually Android displays a warning when users try to sideload apps or use third-party app stores. This is done to warn users about the potential dangers of such practices.

The Google Play Store screens apps for malware and other dangers when apps are submitted to it. While third-party app stores might do the same, it boils down to a matter of reputation and trust. According to the list  of proposed changes, Epic wants the experience of sideloading apps and using third-party app stores to be the same as the Google Play Store.

They also say that Google cannot retaliate against Epic for challenging the Play Store’s practices. Keep in mind that these proposed changes aren’t implemented yet. Google has a chance to respond with a filing of their own. Google also issued a statement to Android Central saying:

“Epic’s filing to the US Federal Court shows again that it simply wants the benefits of Google Play without having to pay for it. We’ll continue to challenge the verdict, as Android is an open mobile platform that faces fierce competition from the Apple App Store, as well as app stores on Android devices, PCs and gaming consoles.”

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