Epic Games wins landmark case against Google

In a landmark legal development, Epic Games secured a historic victory in its battle against Google. The jury unanimously ruled that Google had engaged in anticompetitive practices. Effectively turning its Google Play app store and billing service into an illegal monopoly. The verdict highlighted the existence of illegal tying agreements between the app store and billing service. As well as monopolistic behaviours within distribution agreements involving game developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Apples and Oranges

The Epic Games vs. Apple case, which unfolded concurrently, had a more nuanced outcome. The judge ruled in favour of Apple regarding its control over the iOS app ecosystem and in-app purchasing system. However, the decision was far from a complete win for the tech giant. The court acknowledged Apple’s substantial market power. But agreed that Apple did not go so far as to label it as a current monopoly.
The Apple case revolved around Apple’s in-app purchase system and the 30% commission levied on developers. The court order allowed developers the freedom to inform users about alternative payment methods. Making a significant win for Epic. In contrast, the Google case delved into concerns surrounding illegal tying practices and monopolistic behaviour within the Android ecosystem. The solutions and steps that need to be taken from this verdict are yet to be decided, as discussions are scheduled for January 2024.
The legal battles between Epic Games and these tech giants carry far-reaching implications. It allows for a broader discussion on the role of major players in the tech industry as well as their impact and dominance. The verdict against Google showcases the pressing need for regulatory measures addressing anticompetitive conduct within digital marketplaces. Structures need to be put in place to scrutinise the market power wielded by tech giants. Meanwhile, the Apple ruling shows the intricate challenges associated with app store practices and market power dynamics in an ever-changing market.
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