A new Spotify “Music Pro” tier could be in the works

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For years, we have heard rumors that Spotify could be planning on launching a new subscription tier that would offer higher quality streams. Previous rumors claimed that those plans were shelved, but now a report from The Verge has indicated that it might be alive and well again and could be launched as Spotify Music Pro.

This is according to hidden code in the Spotify app that references a “Music Pro” plan. This plan will offer users lossless audio support. It will also provide access to FLAC audio files up to 24-bit/44.1kHz. For those who have high-end audio equipment, having access to higher quality streams means they’ll be able to enjoy their music at better quality.

There is no word on how much this new plan will cost, but it will not exist as a separate tier. Instead, it has been suggested that it will be an add-on plan. This will allow users to tack it onto their existing Premium subscription. This will bring up the overall cost of the subscription. To justify the price, Spotify will include other features.

This includes a DJ remix feature that lets users mess around with existing tracks. It’s actually a good idea to make it a separate plan since it sounds like a niche offering. But the question is how much it will cost and whether or not it will be worth it. Spotify rival Tidal recently slashed its prices to make its higher quality streams more affordable. That’s something Spotify will have to take into consideration.

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