Nothing’s Upcoming Earbuds Revealed in Leaks


While Nothing’s upcoming wireless earbuds are still officially behind wraps, it looks like fans now have a good idea of what to expect (at least visually) once the company formally unveils its new products. More specifically, a set of leaked images show the new Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) designs, leaving nothing (pun somewhat intended) to the imagination.

Posting on twitter/X, tech tipster Ishan Agarwal shared several images of both earbuds. Based on the posts, it looks like the Nothing Ear will succeed the Nothing Ear (2), although interestingly enough it doesn’t bear “3” in its name, at least at the moment. As for the design, it does resemble the first two Nothing Ear flagship earbuds, especially with the design and square charging case.

Meanwhile, the Nothing Ear (a) is expected to slot into Nothing’s budget accessory lineup, as evidenced by the “a” branding. The leaked photo shows three different variants, one of which sports a yellow palette, which is a look previously unseen in older Nothing products. The a-model earbuds also come in a slightly smaller charging case.

As for hardware, not much is known about the new Nothing Ear model, although it’s predicted that the Ear (a) might feature 45dB ANC, Dual connection, quick charging, up to 8 hours battery life and IP54 rating. In any case, we’re bound to know the full details once Nothing makes its announcement.

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