Meet Sony’s New ULT POWER SOUND Audio Series


Sony’s impressive array of high-quality audio products are among some of the best that you can get right now, and the company recently expanded its offerings with the new ULT POWER SOUND series. Debuting with four different models, Sony says that its new product range packs some serious firepower – sonically speaking, at least.

First up is the ULT TOWER 10 speaker, which is meant to be used primarily as an indoor speaker with a powerful bass sound as well as lighting effects, making it ideal for parties. It also includes a wireless microphone for karaoke and can connect to TVs for a boosted audio experience, as well as additional speakers.

Sony has also launched the ULT FIELD 7 and ULT FIELD 1 speakers, which are meant for portability and durability thanks to waterproof and dustproof designs, and in the case of the FIELD 1, a shockproof design. The FIELD 1 and 7 feature up to 12 and 30 hours of battery life respectively, while the FIELD 7 offers additional features like ambient lighting. Meanwhile, the more compact ULT FIELD 1 boasts a multi-way strap for easy carrying and comes in a variety of colors.

Last but not the least are the ULT WEAR headphones, which feature powerful bass, advanced noise cancellation, and a comfortable design with soft earpads. There’s also a custom Integrated Processor V1 delivers high-fidelity audio, as well as a sensor that automatically pauses and plays music.

In terms of pricing, the ULT TOWER 10 is Available in black from April 2024 for approximately $1,320; the FIELD 7 is available in black from April 2024 for approximately $495, while the FIELD 1 starts at around $150 in different black, forest grey, off white, and orange color variants. The ULT WEAR Headphones are priced at around $220, and can be purchased in either black, forest grey, or white.

Source: Sony

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