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The Pixel Tablet could finally be getting these Nest Hub Max features


Google’s Nest Hub smart displays feel a lot like tablets save for some design choices, which is why it wasn’t that surprising that when Google launched the Pixel Tablet and introduced its charging speaker dock accessory, it felt like we were getting the best of both worlds.

Oddly enough, some Nest Hub features were missing from the Pixel Tablet while it was in docking mode, but that could change in a future update. According to a report from 9to5Google, they did an APK teardown in which it was discovered that the Pixel Tablet could soon be getting two features that were originally found in the Nest Hub Max smart display. This includes Look and Talk and Quick Gestures.

For those unfamiliar, Look and Talk is a feature in the Nest Hub Max that will allow the smart display to start listening for commands when the user is looking directly at it, saving users the effort of having to say “Hey Google”. According to the code strings found in the APK, it suggests that users will need to be within five feet of the Pixel Tablet’s front-facing camera for this to work.

As for Quick Gestures, this is where users can use hand gestures to control the Nest Hub Max without having to touch the display. This includes being able to pause and resume media, dismissing timers and alarms, and stop Google Assistant from talking.

It’s weird that Google didn’t include these features in the Pixel Tablet despite it being newer and the fact that it felt clear to us that Google intends for users to also be able to use the tablet as a smart display. In any case, at least this upcoming update will finally bring about that functionality, although there is currently no word on when it is expected to be released.

Source: 9to5Google

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