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T-Mobile could be profiling you, and here’s how to stop it


There’s a lot of information that can be gleaned about a person based on how they use their data. For example, what time you use your data more can be valuable information. How much data you use is also another measurable metric. This is why T-Mobile has been collecting and profiling users based on their data, and here’s how to stop it.

According to a recent report from The Mobile Report, it seems that T-Mobile has been profiling its customers. This isn’t exactly new as users on Reddit have discovered it about a month ago. Basically T-Mobile’s Privacy Center has a feature that allows for automated profiling of user data and it is enabled by default.

T-Mobile has described the feature as:

“‘Profiling’ is a specific type of activity under certain privacy laws and generally refers to the automated processing of personal data to evaluate, analyze, or predict certain personal aspects about your performance at work, economic situation, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, location, or movements. You can opt out of having Profiling used for future decisions that produce legal or similarly significant effects about you.”

If you don’t like the idea of T-Mobile collecting your data and using it to build a profile about you, you can opt out of it.

How to opt out of T-Mobile profiling

  1. Log into your T-Mobile account with full account permissions
  2. Click on “Edit profile settings”
  3. Look for “Privacy and notifications”
  4. Select “Privacy dashboard”
  5. Scroll down and look for “Profiling and automated decisions” and toggle it off

Take note that this only applies to one line. This means that if you want to stop T-Mobile profiling across your entire account, you’ll have to repeat the steps for each line registered to your account.

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