These apps will stop your Windows 11 updates from going through


Every now and then, Microsoft releases new updates for Windows 11. These updates come in the form of security patches for exploits and vulnerabilities, bug fixes, new features, improvements, and so on. Most of the time, updating your PC isn’t a big deal, but it turns out that if you have these apps installed, it could be a problem.

According to a report from Deskmodder, it seems that Microsoft maintains a list of apps that if detected, will prevent Windows 11 from being updated. It was recently discovered that if you had the StartAllBack app installed, which for those unfamiliar is a third-party app that lets you enhance the Start Menu, Windows 11 will not update until it is removed.

Now the report from Deskmodder has revealed additional apps that you can’t have installed if you want to receive Windows 11 updates in the future. These apps include:

  • ConisioAdmin.exe (Solidworks PDM)
  • EaseUS Disk Copy.exe (EaseUS Disk Copy Application)
  • ep_dwm.exe (ExplorerPatcher) Schon seit 22H2 enthalten
  • iCloudServices.exe (iCloud files shared in Explorer via WhatsApp) Ab 23H2
  • RadeonSoftware.exe (AMD GPU perf settings) Ab 23H2
  • StartAllBackCfg.exe (StartAllBack) Schon seit 22H2 enthalten
  • Multi-mon + Copilot (Microsoft)
  • MergeSdb (Microsoft)
  • Intel IntcOED.sys (Intel)
  • Intel IntcAudioBus.sys (Intel) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\IntcAudioBus.sys)
  • Realtek 8192su Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter (Realtek) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\RTL8192su.sys)

It is unclear why these apps are blocked. At least for StartAllBack, Microsoft claimed it was due to performance and security issues. The good news is that if you want to get around this problem, you can actually uninstall these apps, update Windows 11, and reinstall them if you really want to. It’s annoying but it seems to work.

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