Microsoft Ends Support for Android Apps on Windows 11


If you’re someone who regularly uses their Windows device to access Android software, then you might want to keep an eye on your calendar – Microsoft recently announced that it will soon deprecate its Windows Subsystem for Android, which enabled Windows 11 to run Android apps. Microsoft announced the upcoming change in an official post online – as per its advisory:

“Microsoft is ending support for the Windows Subsystem for Android™️ (WSA). As a result, the Amazon Appstore on Windows and all applications and games dependent on WSA will no longer be supported beginning March 5, 2025. Until then, technical support will remain available to customers. Customers that have installed the Amazon Appstore or Android apps prior to March 5, 2024, will continue to have access to those apps through the deprecation date of March 5, 2025.”

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android allows  Windows 11 devices to run Android applications via the Amazon Appstore. One caveat is that users who already have Android apps installed  before the deprecation date will still be able to continue using them, although any attempt to use the Subsystem after March 5 will no longer work.

Source: Windows Central

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