The Pixel Watch just got a cool new accessibility feature


How do you tell the time when you wear a watch? Obviously you look at it. But what if you’re trying to be discreet when you want to check the time? Or what if you have some kind of vision impairment that makes looking at your watch face a bit difficult? If you own the Pixel Watch, Google is about to make your life easier.

Google has started to roll out an update to the Pixel Watch that introduces a new way for users to check the time on their smartwatch. This can be done through haptic feedback where you will feel the vibrations on your wrist that will tell you the time.

The best part is that this can be done somewhat discreetly. All users have to do is tap on the watch face with two fingers and they’ll get a response. Users can also choose from two different vibration patterns. One pattern is more precise down to the minute, while the other will round up the time in quarters, so depending on what you prefer, you can opt between these two.

There are also five different vibration levels to choose from if you want to be able to “feel” the time more keenly. It’s actually a pretty cool and useful update, not just as an accessibility feature, but just in general. So if you own the Pixel Watch, keep an eye out for this update which should be rolling out as we speak.

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