Samsung’s One UI 6.1 update just killed the charging speeds on its phones


The charging speeds on Samsung’s phones aren’t that fast to begin with. At 25W, they are pretty slow compared to the competition. Unfortunately for some Samsung users, it appears that updating to One UI 6.1 has made the charging speeds on their phones even slower.

According to a bunch of user complaints on the Samsung Community page, users are discovering that for some reason, the update has reduced the charging speeds on their phones. This happened after these users updated their devices to One UI 6.1. According to some, it appears that even when using the 25W charger, their phones are instead charging at 15W.

Some users are alleging that Samsung throttled the charging speeds with the update, but it seems like it’s probably a bug. The folks at SamMobile ran a test of their own and found that their phone was charging at 20W instead of 25W, which is apparently normal. They suggest that as the battery becomes fuller, the charging speeds do start to slow down.

It is possible that the app that these users are using could be displaying the wrong information, but some users claim that the slowdown in charging speeds can be felt quite keenly. Samsung has yet to respond so we’ll have to wait and see what the company has to say.

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