Tidal just rolled out an awesome music sharing feature


Spotify might be the most dominant music streaming platform at the moment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are users out there who prefer a different streaming service. This can make sharing songs kind of tricky, but it looks like Tidal has found a solution to that problem.

In a post on Reddit by user u/vszdk, Tidal has rolled out an update to its desktop app. In this update, the company is introducing a universal link. This means that if you are a Tidal subscriber that’s enjoying a particular song, you can create a universal link and share it with your friends.

When they click on that link, users can choose the streaming service of their choice to play that song on. So if you have a friend who’s a Spotify subscriber, they can choose to play that song on Spotify instead of Tidal. It makes sharing music a lot easier. It’s actually kind of clever and we’re not sure why more streaming services don’t do that.

So far based on what we can see, the supported streaming services include Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music. These are essentially the major streaming platforms so unless you’re using a different service, you should be covered. Hopefully other services will pick up on this idea in the future.

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