X is giving free users access to Premium features for free, with a catch


X (formerly known as Twitter) has a Premium tier that unlocks additional perks and features. It is a paid subscription which not everyone needs. But there is good news. It seems that if you are a free user, you could qualify for free access to Premium and Premium+. This is according to an announcement by Elon Musk on the platform.

According to Musk’s announcement, it seems that if you’re a free user who happens to have over 2,500 verified subscribers, you will get Premium features for free. If you have over 5,000 verified subscribers, you can get Premium+ for free. For those unfamiliar, verified users are basically those who have the blue tick, which can be obtained by subscribing to X Premium.

While this is good news, it might be tough for users to unlock this for themselves. First of all, gaining a few thousand followers isn’t that easy to begin with. Secondly, you will then need a couple thousand of them to be subscribed to X Premium, which is already quite a hard sell. We’re not sure how many users actually qualify for this, but we suppose it’s an option.

X Premium offers users access to features like editing posts, longer posts, the removal of ads, and more. Some of these features are useful, but if you only use X to read posts then there’s really on reason to subscribe.

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