Google’s new Updates add a bit more Convenience to Online Shopping


The massive takeover of e-commerce platforms has pretty much given buyers quicker access to their favourite brands and products online, although there are admittedly times when the whole online shopping experience could still be improved. As it turns out, Google has been working on some nifty new updates to make shopping a bit easier for buyers on the web.

According to Google, people shop more than a billion times a day, and are able to view around 45 billion products in their search results that are constantly being refreshed, in addition to the more than 2 billion listings that keep getting updated with regards to pricing, availability, and such.

Google says that it’s rolling out a new feature which brings more personalized search results for shoppers online, starting with users in the US. Folks browsing for potential purchases on mobile browsers and the Google app will see a “style recommendations” with the option to rate products with a thumbs up (or down), and can even swipe left or right to see more results.

Google says that these preferences will be saved for the next time a user browses for products online, giving them even more personalized shopping suggestions in the future; users can of course choose to disable this feature entirely. Additionally, online shoppers in the US can manually select brands that they want to see more of when browsing through Google.

Furthermore, users can also tap into image generation functionality while shopping – for example, if you’d like to look for a jacket, then you can simply enter in text prompts such as “a colorful quilted jacket.” This will then generate suggestions which users can tap on, and proceed to give them product options which closely match their selection.

Google adds that users can also tap into its “Virtual Try-on” (VTO) tool, which was announced back in 2023. The VTO tool presents shoppers with a “try-on” icon in shopping results for men’s or women’s tops, for example. They’ll then be presented with a wide range of models with different sizes ranging in size, and will be able to see how the product fits with shadows, wrinkles, and such.

With all that being said, we’re hoping that Google eventually brings these features to more users worldwide.

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