Epic’s Games Store Arrives for Mobile Platforms Soon


Following what seemed like several months’ worth of legal back-and-forth between Epic Games, Google, and Apple, it seems like the heat has finally died down for the most part, with Epic finally announcing that its first-party market app will soon arrive for both Android and iOS. The studio confirmed this recently via a post on its official social media channels.

One caveat though is that the announcement did not mention a specific date or time frame as to when the Epic Games Store will be available on both platforms. There’s also a small disclaimer on the teaser image specifying that the store app’s UI as seen on the post is just a concept, at least for the time being.

With that being said, Epic isn’t letting anyone forget what it went through regarding its courtroom skirmishes against Google and Apple; the announcement post adds a dig at both latter companies with the words “Same fair terms, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone.”

For folks not familiar with the issue, Epic was granted a legal victory over Google on the basis that the latter had engaged in anticompetitive practices which negatively affected Epic Games. On the other hand, the court ruled in favor of Apple over Epic, finding no fault with its control over the iOS app ecosystem and in-app purchasing system.

Going back to the app store’s launch, fans of the studio and its IP – including the vastly-popular Fortnite franchise – will have to do a bit of waiting until Epic Games makes further announcements of its upcoming app store.

Mike Viray
A writer and content creator with a love for tech and music, Mike is also an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.

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