Changing USB modes in Android 15 will require more security


One of the great things about Android is that plugging a phone into a computer is easy and you can quickly access files, unlike the iPhone which isn’t as straightforward. This convenience does carry a bit of a risk, which is why in the recent Android 15 Developer Preview 2, Google is improving on the security.

According to a report from Android Police, they have discovered that Google is improving the security in Android 15 when users are changing USB modes. This means that if you’re trying to change the USB mode when you plug your phone into your computer, you’ll have to authenticate yourself to do so.

These authentication measures include using your biometrics or using your phone’s PIN/password/pattern. In the past, users did not have to authenticate themselves when changing USB modes, but this is a good thing. For example, someone might have stolen your phone and are trying to access its contents via a computer. Assuming you’re not with the thief, the additional layer of authentication makes it harder.

That being said, Android Police did discover a loophole where if Developer Options is enabled, this authentication can be bypassed. Hopefully Google is aware of this and a future release will address it. For now, it is still a welcome change.

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