Samsung expands Gaming Hub to its Galaxy phones


Samsung launched its Gaming Hub cloud gaming service back in 2022. Back then, it was pretty much exclusive to Samsung’s smart TVs, but now it looks like the company has decided to expand its availability. The company has announced that Samsung Gaming Hub will now be available on its Galaxy phones.

This was announced at the Game Developers Conference. One of the features that users can look forward to include Instant Plays. This allows gamers to immediately jump into a game that they want to play without installation. Samsung also says that its cloud platform supports Android native APKs along with in-game monetization models, which is great news for developers.

Samsung was scant on the details, but for now, it seems that Gaming Hub on mobile will be quite limited. It is still in beta with a select number of games, which means that there might not be many choices at the start. We expect that this will grow with time, but for now don’t expect too much.

It would have been nice to see Samsung offer Gaming Hub to non-Galaxy devices, but we’re not surprised. Samsung obviously wants users to be locked into its ecosystem with exclusive software features and services. For now, only users in the US and Canada will be able to access the beta, but hopefully Samsung will expand to more regions soon.

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