IKEA just launched a fast charger that puts the competition to shame


IKEA is a brand known for their somewhat affordable furniture. That doesn’t mean that’s all they do. In recent times, IKEA has started to expand their product range to cover a wider variety of products, including smart home devices. Now IKEA has launched a new fast charger that is extremely easy on the wallet.

There are two new fast chargers under the SJÖSS branding. There is a 30W single USB port fast charger that can put out up to 30W of power. Then there is a 45W 2-port USB fast charger that is faster and has an extra port to charge an additional device. As for price, the 30W model is only going for $7.99 while the 45W model is retailing for $14.99.

For context, the fast chargers offered by the competition are priced starting at at least $20. According to IKEA, their chargers will support Power Delivery (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC4+), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS). To be fair, these aren’t the fastest chargers we’ve seen.

There are other handsets that offer support for charging speeds of over 100W. However, if you’re not too concerned about hitting those speeds, or if you’re using a phone that doesn’t support those speeds, then the IKEA fast charger should be good enough.

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