Google is launching a Fitbit chatbot that uses AI for health data analysis


We’ve seen how AI can be used to help users answer all sorts of questions, so why not health or medical related questions? That’s something that Google is interested in doing. This is why during the Google annual Check Up event, they announced a new AI Fitbit chatbot that can do just that.

This new AI Fitbit chatbot will be part of Fitbit Labs. It will use AI to help users analyze their health data and provide actionable insights. What does this mean? As it stands, a lot of wearables and smart health apps and gadgets provide users with data about their health. This is represented in graphs, charts, and numbers.

Not everyone can necessarily understand that information at a glance. This is why with this new AI Fitbit chatbot, users can actually ask it questions in natural language. You could think of it like how you might ask a dietician or nutritionist about your body’s stats. In an example Google demonstrated, it showed how the chatbot could analyze a user’s sleeping patterns and daily activity levels.

It then suggested that there could be a correlation between a better night’s rest and a higher activity level during the day. It will not be a replacement for an actual medical or healthcare professional, but these insights could help users make better decisions. For now, Google will roll out this new AI Fitbit chatbot for Fitbit Premium subscribers on Android that are part of Fitbit Labs.

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