YouTube will make it easier to identify AI generated videos


Thanks to the use of AI, creating videos even if you have zero video editing chops is pretty easy. But that in turn can create issues. This is because of how easy it is to throw a video together that people can make fake videos or spread misinformation online. This is why YouTube has decided to start labeling videos generated by AI.

According to the company’s announcement, YouTube is introducing a new feature that will require creators to acknowledge if a video they’ve uploaded is “meaningfully altered or synthetically generated and seems realistic.” YouTube says that this won’t apply to every single piece of content out there.

Instead, videos that have content that cover topics such as health, news, election, or finance will have a more prominent label on them. YouTube also says that should creators not disclose these videos, they might do it for them. They add that in the future, there could also be penalties if creators fail to disclose it.

It’s actually kind of an interesting stance YouTube is taking. The company had previously introduced their own AI tools to allow users to cover songs using AI. For now, these labels will only show up on the mobile version of YouTube, but it will eventually cover the desktop version as well.

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