Could a “true” foldable Surface Duo smartphone be in the works?


While companies like Samsung were making “true” foldable phones, Microsoft opted for something a little different. This came in the form of the Surface Duo series which is technically a foldable phone, except that it used two separate displays instead of a single foldable display. But now it looks like Microsoft could be interested in the latter.

According to a recently-discovered patent filed at the USPTO, Microsoft is exploring the idea of creating a true foldable smartphone. The form factor itself isn’t too exciting. Based on the drawings, it looks like your typical foldable. What’s more interesting is the fact that Microsoft filed it, and also how they plan to address durability issues with the hinge.

The patent describes a new hinge system that comes with a “spine cover plate”. This new mechanism basically covers the hinge of the phone when the screen is folded. This will help protect it from damage and also dust and debris that can cause issues. It will also result in a phone that’s thinner, easier to hold, and could hide the crease of the display.

Before you get too excited, note that this is just a patent. Companies like Microsoft file patents all the time to protect ideas and intellectual property. It is no way indicative of the company’s plans. Also, given how Microsoft ended software support for the Surface Duo back in 2023, we’re not sure what the future is like for the lineup. We did hear rumors that the Surface Duo 3 could be a true foldable, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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