Jan 11th, 2023

While companies like Samsung were busy churning out phones with foldable displays, Microsoft went in an interesting direction with their Surface Duo smartphone, where they utilized two separate displays that were connected together with a hinge, versus a singular flexible display.

It was an odd choice and suffice to say that the Surface Duo never quite caught on, but it seems that Microsoft could be trying their hand at it again, but this time with an actual foldable display.

This is according to a report from Windows Central where apparently they have been told that Microsoft scrapped their initial design for the Surface Duo 3, which presumably would have continued in the same direction, and instead are now opting to use a true foldable display.

It seems that Microsoft has been exploring the idea of adopting a true foldable display following the Surface Duo 2 in 2021 where the handset was met with mixed reviews. Not much else is known about the Surface Duo 3 such as when it will be launching, but seeing as Microsoft skipped the handset in 2022, maybe we might see it this year, so until then take it with a grain of salt.

Source: Windows Central

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