Google shows they’re taking mobile gaming serious with these Google Play updates


Mobile gaming is a very lucrative industry. As we spend more time on our phones, developers and publishers are starting to focus more on mobile titles to pull in more gamers and make more money. To that end, during the Google for Games Developer Summit, the company has announced that they will be making some updates to Google Play that will enhance the overall mobile gaming experience.

One of those changes will be to Google Play Pass. For those unfamiliar, Play Pass is a subscription service that allows users to access a ton of games without ads or in-app purchases. If you hate pay-to-win kind of games, Play Pass is something you should check out.

To make Play Pass even more tempting, Google has announced that subscribers in select markets will receive in-game items for free for select titles, as well as receive discounts on other mobile games they might want to purchase.

Google is also making it easier for users to discover ongoing promotions. There will be YouTube videos in the Games tab in the Play Store where you’ll see videos for the latest and popular games so you’ll always be up to date on what’s hot. There are also changes being made to how users can sign into their games and save their progress.

The onus will be on developers to implement these alternative sign-in options, but if they do, users will have more choices when it comes to their preferred sign-in method. It will also save your progress and achievements so you can pick up where you left off no matter which device you’re signed in from.

Last but not least, it seems that Google is also turning their attention to PC games. Google Play Games will now support native PC games. This means that if you’re on your PC, you’ll be able to discover games that are created specifically for PCs.

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