Google Play Pass library continues to grow as more games are being added today


Back in 2019, Google Play Pass was introduced as a new subscription service giving you access to various Android games and applications. Since its inception, there have been thousands of apps and games added, allowing you to save a few bucks on games like Stardew Valley, Mini Metro, Star Wars: KOTOR, and many more.

Today, Google has announced a few more titles are being added to the mix, while also highlighting some of the benefits you’ll enjoy. These include the upcoming Play As You Download functionality coming to Android 12. When available, this allows you to begin downloading a game and start playing while the rest of the game downloads in the background.

As for the games coming to Play Pass today, here’s the list with some highlights:

  • Tesla vs Lovecraft (normally $9.99)
    • Play as enigmatic inventor Nikola Tesla as you mow down nightmarish monsters from the mind of famed horror author H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Delight Games (normally $29.99)
    • 70+ interactive volumes to immerse you in new worlds. Enjoy a massive new trove of choose your own adventure stories that span every possible world from fantasy to mystery, horror, adventure and even some romance.
  • WHO IS AWESOME (normally $0.99)
    • Chase and run your way through different lands in a single-player mini-game collection that challenges you to outthink characters from four popular games.
  • Starman (normally $4.49)
    • Guide Starman through a breathtaking series of atmospheric architectural scenes and elaborate puzzles that are challenging, relaxing and immersive.

The Google Play Pass library continues to grow on a regular basis, as more than 100 games and applications have been added within just the last month. For just $4.99 per month, I don’t know if you’ll find a better deal out there. Instead of buying every app and game individually, why not give Play Pass a spin and see what you’ll find.


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