Google Play Store could add Parallel Downloads

Google’s Play Store has sparked interest with the discovery of a potential new feature termed “parallel download.” This functionality would enable simultaneous download and installation of multiple apps. This discovery shows Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Play Store’s functionality and  user convenience.
The concept of parallel downloading is not new.  It was previously observed in a test Google conducted years ago. However, the feature never made its way to Android devices. The recent exploration into the Play Store’s version 40.0.13 has reignited interest in this capability, suggesting that Google is actively working on refining and possibly reintroducing it to users.
According to AssembleDebug (TheSpAndroid), the latest version of the Play Store shows signs of the parallel download feature. By enabling specific flags, users can bypass the traditional one-app-at-a-time download process. So it significantly reduces wait times.
Although, this feature comes with certain limitations that were uncovered during testing. One notable limitation is the lack of support for app updates within the parallel download framework. Despite the ability to download multiple apps simultaneously, the Play Store still prioritizes app updates one at a time.

Source: AssembleDebug

Secondly, Google has imposed a cap on the number of simultaneous downloads. It restricts users to downloading only two apps at a time. However, developers have unearthed a way to increase this limit to five.
Despite these limitations, this shows Google’s commitment to optimizing the Play Store experience. While the feature is still in testing and may undergo further adjustments, its potential to streamline app downloads and installations is undoubtedly promising.
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