Google is Making it Easier to Scan and Save Documents on Android


If you often use Google’s Files app for Android to manage your documents, then you’re in for a treat – it looks like users are starting to get a new scan feature that will enable them to save their documents more quickly to their phone, according to a report online.

Posting via his official social media account, tech reporter Mishaal Rahman shares that the Files by Google app has received a new “scan” button that will allow users to digitize their documents into PDF files. The scanned documents will then be saved via a “Scanned” directory under “Documents.”

Rahman says that the scan functionality uses ML Kit’s new Document Scanner API to read and process documents on-device, with Pixel users beginning to receive the new feature on their respective devices. At the time of writing, we were able to check our own Pixel devices and confirm that the scan function is now available within the Files by Google app.

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