Roku is disabling its devices until users agree to its new terms


Companies update their terms and conditions from time to time. It is par for the course. But in the case of Roku, it appears that the company is essentially disabling access to its TVs and streaming devices until users agree to consent to their new terms.

These new terms that users have to agree to are part of Roku’s Dispute Resolution Terms. The new terms double down on the existing forced arbitration agreement. This basically prevents users from either suing or getting involved in a lawsuit against Roku. This does not mean that users cannot sue Roku, but rather it forces them into an arbitration first.

This means that users with any legal complaints against Roku will have to take them to the company’s lawyers first. They will then take part in a “Meet-and-Confer” call where they will “make a fair, fact-based offer of resolution”.

If you’re not a fan of these terms, unfortunately there’s no way to opt out of it, at least not through the system. Users found that when they turned on their TVs or Roku devices, there’s no way to skip these terms, short of disabling their system. They can only either agree immediately, or press the star button on their remote to read these terms. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use your device.

The only way to opt out is to apparently send in a physical letter to Roku. You’ll have to include your details such as your name, contact info, and email address associated with your Roku account, product model, software, and a receipt of purchase. You’ll also need to make sure to send the letter within 30 days of being notified of these new terms. Users will have to send the letter to:

Stephen Kay, General Counsel, Roku, Inc.
1701 Junction Court, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95112

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