Roku Patent Features Motion-Sensing Functionality


Motion-sensing technology is nothing new – we’ve seen it before on the likes of smartphones, audio hardware, and even video game consoles. With that in mind though, it looks like streaming company Roku is looking to possibly integrate movement detection hardware into future products.

A patent uncovered by tech site Pigtou and @xleaks7 points to a design which suggests that Roku will use motion-detection to optimize power consumption for its devices. Essentially, the proposed system will use several Wifi modules installed in Roku streaming devices to detect whether or not a user or viewer is present in front of the device, allowing it to go into standby mode or low-power mode.

Additionally, the patent also covers scenarios where a user exits and re-enters the monitored environment, which might trigger specific actions on the IoT device. For example, should a user leave a monitored area, the device might pause ongoing streams, at least until the user returns.

If used right, the patent does offer the prospect of a much-improved user experience, although it does pose questions regarding user privacy, especially given the operational implications behind the technology.

Source: Pigtou

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