When will your Sony Xperia Phone get Updated to Android 14?


With Android 14 pretty much available for a lot of smartphone manufacturers at the moment, we’ve seen a ton of different devices finally get the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Different brands including Google, Samsung, Xiaomi and more have started to bring over Android 14 for their respective devices – this of course includes Sony, which has also commenced with the Android 14 roll-out for its smartphones.

As such, maybe you own an Xperia device, and are wondering as to whether or not your smartphone is able to receive the Android 14 update. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this quick and handy guide which lists some features that you can expect from Android 14, if and when it arrives on your phone.

Android 14 for Xperia

With the launch of Android 14, Sony has brought over several new and useful features to select Xperia devices, which add a bit of much-welcome functionality for users. Sony’s approach to Android is mostly clean, without the added weight of custom skins, apps, and such unlike what you’d see on phones from Samsung, Oppo, and more. Some of the new Xperia features on Android 14 include:

  • Customizable flash notifications
  • Support for Find My Device remote access and device wiping
  • Expanded Nearby Share/Quick Share for Windows PCs
  • Lock screen shortcut customization

With that being said, there are a ton more refinements and improvements within Android 14, but these are some of the major highlights you can expect once you update your device.

Sony’s Official Android Update Policy

In recent years, a lot of Android brands like Samsung and Google have stepped up their software support timeframe, with new phones such as the Pixel 8 series and Galaxy S24 series receiving as much as seven years of updates, making them ideal devices for consumers who don’t upgrade their phones often.

We wish we could say the same for Sony, whose software support for its phones (at least at the time of writing) only involves two years of Android OS upgrades, with three years of security updates.

When will my Xperia Phone be updated to Android 14?

At the moment, Sony’s 2022 series have receive the update for Android 14, meaning that Xperia 1/5/10 IV will be compatible with the current version of Android, according to Sony. The company’s 2023 devices consisting of the Xperia 1/5/10 V have started receiving Android 14 as well.

As with most other brands, Android 14 will roll out via a staggered release, so there might be some differences with regards to roll-out schedules, as regional variants and carrier models might either get Android 14 early or later.

You can check for the Android 14 update by going to your Settings App > System > System Update.

Source: Sony

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