The Pixel 7 is Still a Great Flagship Phone, Even in 2024


The launch of the Pixel 8 series has shown that Google definitely has what it takes to develop premium flagship smartphones – it’s safe to say that the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are easily the best of the Tensor-powered Pixel devices, with a ton of improvements across the board.

By comparison, the Pixel 7 from 2022 seems a lot more outdated now – it’s got a display with slightly older specs, a considerably slower chipset, and it loses out on some of the newer software tricks introduced in the Pixel 8 series. Take a closer look however, and it’s clear that the phone still has a certain charm to it.

A Better Choice, Economically Speaking

Perhaps one thing that most people will notice about the Pixel 7 nowadays is that it’s gotten a considerable price cut, especially if you’re shopping from a third-party retailer other than Google. The phone originally launched at around $599, which to begin with was already cheaper than most flagship competitors on the market at the time.

Take a quick look on Amazon nowadays though, and you can find the Pixel 7 for less than $450, making it cheaper than even the midrange Pixel 7a. For folks after a relatively wallet friendly Pixel phone, the 7 is already a more ideal model versus the 7a, since it comes with faster charging speeds, a more premium design, a larger display, and newer software features.

A Tale of Updates

Speaking of newer software features, Google recently brought over its “Circle to Search” feature – once exclusive on the Pixel 8 series – to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. This is a terrific move on Google’s part as the Pixel 7 is pretty much capable of handling Google’s major software tricks (fingers crossed for Magic Editor), and hopefully it receives more feature drops this year.

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It should also be said that the Pixel 7 does come with support for major platform upgrades until October 2025, with security updates until October 2027. That means the phone will still receive Android 16, and users will still get a considerable amount of use from the Pixel 7, even if they’re buying one just now. Based on personal experience, the recent Andoid 14 update from a few months back has seemingly improved the Pixel 7’s battery performance; yes, it’s mostly a subjective scenario, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s been a better experience in general.

Based on personal experience, the recent Andoid 14 update from a few months back has seemingly improved the Pixel 7’s battery performance

Now while some might scoff at the notion of going with an older smartphone especially with more powerful ones readily available on the market, the Pixel 7 still holds its own in some key areas aside from software.

Seeing is Believing

Perhaps the biggest strength of the Pixel 7 lies within its cameras – it’s a simple setup for sure, so you’re not getting any dedicated telephoto or macro lens apart from the built-in primary and ultrawide sensors. But despite this “limitation,” the Pixel 7’s photographic prowess allows it to capture rich shots with a good amount of detail.

It’s not a perfect camera phone, although its hardware setup is rather similar to that of the Pixel 8 from last year, and comes with many of the same camera features with the exception of Magic Editor. But despite being a year older, its camera manages to hold its own especially against phones twice its price. Its easy-to-use camera app is also ideal for casual mobile photographers, resulting in good-looking results with minimal effort.

Still Worth It?

For first-time Pixel buyers or veterans looking to upgrade from a much older model (and looking to save some cash), the Pixel 7 is still a solid contender. The consistent camera performance, the improvements brought by software updates, as well as the much cheaper price all add up for a tempting choice, and for a phone that will get updates for a few more years down the line, the Pixel 7 might be worth taking a look at.

There is a ton of competition of course, and bargain hunters patient enough to hunt around for deals on phones like the Pixel 8 (and even the 7 Pro) will no doubt end up with better hardware – but again on its own, the Pixel 7 remains a capable Android phone.

Google Pixel 7-5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone with Wide Angle Lens...
  • Google Tensor G2 Processor: Faster and more efficient than previous Pixel models
  • 5G Connectivity: Allows you to take advantage of faster data speeds on major carriers

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