Google Maps will soon show you building entrances


Google Maps is a great navigation tool. It’s perfect for finding your way around a new city, navigating roads you’re unfamiliar with, and so on. But generally speaking, it’s only good in terms of “bigger picture”. That could change soon as Google seems to be testing out a new Google Maps feature that shows building entrances.

We know that many of you have probably used Google Maps to find the location of a building. But when you get to the area, finding the entrance could become tricky. As spotted by Android Police, Google is testing a new feature that will show the entrances of a building on the map.

This means that when you get to a location and want to find out how to get in, all you need to do is zoom into Google Maps and you will see entrances and exits marked on the building. Google already has a similar feature for the public transit navigation that shows station exits and entrances, so it makes sense that they would apply this to other locations as well.

At the moment the feature isn’t live yet for all users. It also isn’t available for all locations yet. We imagine that Google might have to add these entrances and exits manually, so it could take a while. Either way, it’s actually a pretty useful feature and we can’t wait for it to roll out to the public.

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