Glanceable directions are rolling out to Google Maps


If you want to see real-time ETA and turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps, you would actually need to use the app’s comprehensive navigation mode. This can be annoying sometimes, especially since you can’t see it from the lock screen. The good news is that Google Maps is now getting glanceable directions in an update.

The feature was originally announced back in 2023 and it looks like it’s rolling out as we speak. For those who are learning about this for the first time, glanceable directions are kind of like Google Maps “lite”. You can get turn-by-turn navigation and real-time ETA as you walk or drive to your destination.

All of this can be done without having to launch into comprehensive navigation mode, plus you can view it from your lock screen. This might come in handy for those who don’t want to be staring at their phone all the time. For example, you could be walking about in a new city. You can just glance at your phone whenever you need to get updated directions and an ETA.

Google had initially stated that the feature would roll out in the coming months back in 2023. That clearly did not happen. We’re not sure what’s with the year-long delay, but better late than never. If you want to check out the new glanceable directions feature on Google Maps, just make sure you have the latest version installed.

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