No iPhone support for the Samsung Galaxy Ring


The thing with Bluetooth devices is that they’re supposed to be platform agnostic. Basically, as long as your smartphone has Bluetooth, in theory it should work with any Bluetooth device. Of course, that isn’t always the case, and unfortunately for iPhone users, it looks like Samsung has decided to not add iPhone support for the Galaxy Ring.

According to a report from CNET, Samsung VP Hon Pak confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will not support iPhones. Pak was quoted as saying, “We recognize the iOS/Android challenge, and we ultimately hope that our devices are of such caliber that people will be willing to switch.” We honestly doubt any accessory is worth switching platforms for. But hey, Samsung can hope.

Samsung says that they are working to ensure compatibility with other Android devices. So that’s something Android users won’t have to worry about for now.

To be fair, ever since Samsung made the switch over to Wear OS, its smartwatches have not had iPhone support. Previously, when Samsung used Tizen in its older smartwatches, there was iPhone compatibility. Apple themselves are also guilty of exclusion. The majority of their accessories like the AirPods and Apple Watch are more or less iOS/macOS exclusive, so it’s not surprising that Samsung is extending Apple the same “courtesy”.

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