Samsung Galaxy S24 crosses the 1 million mark in South Korea


Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is one of the most popular Android phones of 2023 so far. According to the latest figures, the Galaxy S24 has actually surpassed the 1 million mark over in its home base of South Korea. The handset achieved this in 28 days since its launch, beating the Galaxy S8 by about 9 days.

The Galaxy S8, for those unfamiliar, was the most popular Galaxy S-series phone from Samsung. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S24, it did not manage to beat the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s best-selling phone to date. It did come close though, but it seems that the Note 10 still prevailed.

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What’s interesting is the breakdown of the sales. It turns out that 55% of all Galaxy S24 phones sold belonged to the more expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra. The rest went to the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. Samsung made an interesting decision this year to include AI software in its phones.

It turned out to be a good decision. While the Galaxy S24 is a powerful phone, smartphone hardware has kind of peaked. The inclusion of AI certainly makes things a lot more interesting and exciting. We can’t say we’re surprised with this bit of news. Previously, Samsung announced that pre-orders for the phone were off the charts. But to see the Galaxy S24 cross the 1 million mark and beat the Galaxy S8 is still impressive.

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