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Eufy’s new 360-degree security camera is the ultimate wireless solution


There are many types of home security cameras. There are those for indoor, and those for outdoors. With outdoor cameras, you need to ensure that it has a power source (or runs on batteries) and can connect to your WiFi to transmit data. But if that’s not possible, then the Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 360-degree security camera could be for you.

The S330 is a new 360-degree security camera by Eufy. Eufy is no stranger to security cameras, but what makes the S330 unique is that it does not require a WiFi connection to work. This is because it relies on the connection to nearby LTE towers. This means that it can hook onto a cellular network to help transmit the data it captures to your phone or computer.

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As for power, it runs on a 36.2Wh battery. If you have a large estate or if you don’t like the idea of charging it all the time, not to worry. The S330 also supports solar charging. It comes with a detachable solar panel that can fully juice up the camera’s batteries in 2 hours.

This allows users to place the S330 security camera anywhere and not worry about transmission or battery. Other features of the S330 include 4K video resolution, 8x zoom, activity zones, and the use of AI to help with detection and reduce false positives. The camera also comes with a 100 lumen spotlight built into it that can be useful in the dark.

There’s also a built-in alarm, two-way audio, and comes with support for Google Assistant and Alexa. The camera is priced at $249.99 and is available from Eufy’s website or Amazon.

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