The Samsung Cling Band is the company’s bendy phone concept


This year at MWC 2024, Motorola brought a demo of their concept smartphone with a bendable display. The handset was initially shown off in renders at Lenovo Tech World 2023, but they brought an actual working unit to MWC 2024. It looks like Motorola isn’t alone in exploring this concept as Samsung has shown off their own take with the Cling Band.

The Samsung Cling Band follows a similar concept as Motorola’s. It is a phone whose display can be bent, allowing users to wear the phone on their wrist. This allows users to use the device either as a phone or just a really large smartwatch. What’s cool about this concept is that Samsung has actually built a heart rate tracker into it.

This means that users can wear this phone and use it to measure their heart rate. It does seem rather bulky to be used for fitness purposes, but to be fair, it is a concept. We imagine that Samsung is just using this as a way to show off the advancements in their display technology.

It doesn’t seem very practical and is just begging to be stolen. We’re not sure if Samsung has plans to ever make this a reality, but it will be interesting to see other applications of flexible display technology in the future.

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